excel 2013 drop down list arrow always visible





3 Copy Pasting Drop-Down Lists in Excel. 4 Caution while Working with Excel Drop Down List. 5 How to Select All Cells that have a Drop Down List in it.Here is another technique by Jon Acampora you can use to always keep the drop down arrow icon visible. I know how to create a drop-down list, but what I need is for the "drop- down arrow" to always be visible. I have followed the instructions in MS Excel 2003 to a T, and it seems like they dont have that option!! Drop-down Arrow Always Visible Example.xlsx (28.9 KB). Problem: The Drop- down List Arrows Disappear. Drop-down lists in a cell (also known as validation lists) are a great way to make your Excel model interactive. Bill "Mr Excel" Jelen also has a few hacks to make it appear the drop down arrows are always visible that he shares on his YouTube channel (and his was one of the ones featured in my list of 11 best Excel video tutorial channels) Add the CSS below into script editor web part to achieve it.