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textarea focus cursor not display in iPhone. JS How to make custom design with Drag and Drop form? Flexbox overflow-y: scroll not working in IE,Edge and Firefox.Im using ajaxSubmit of jquery.form.js. but ajaxSubmit not working in InternetExplorer9 and not alert error. After delay the execute time, the focus() is working fine in IE , or even FF.Thanks that worked like a charm. I wonder why lJS ibraries like JQuery can not implement this. Vote Up0Vote Down Reply. 5 years 1 month ago. It works fine in IE 6, 7 and 8.I use a mac so cant test properly as my VMware is running vista which doesnt allow IE9 to be installed.Jquery.load() Only Working Once (working With PHP). JQuery :: Google.load Function Doesnt Work If Called From Ready Function? pseudoFocus is a jQuery plugin that fixes the focus pseudo class in all browsers that dont support it.document.activeElement doesnt work on all browsers, but since IE it works in IE and IE is the problem, it should be okay. javascript - jQuery code not working in IE - Stack Overflow.Well apparently on iOS, the keyboard will not work unless a text field has focus, period.

To work around this, Im going to need to add a hidden text field to the HTML. It works with the IE8 IE "Compatibility View" mode and on all the other non-IE browsers Ive tried it on. The "IAN MARTIN wedding photojournalism" animation part works perfectly in both 7 8. Then, the r.IE 8 Jquery focus issue children inside parent div 2012-01-03. In IE9 my jquery is not working properly.

Set focus to textfield is not working in jquery mobile. When the close the alert box it should focus to the text field but it is not getting focused. ("nyTxn1").live("vmouseup", function(event, ui) (nderNum). focus() ) Thanks. In IE9 my jquery is not working properly. Actually the problem is when i enter the incomplete date in the textbox it should give an error popup showing invalid date ,but in IE9 the jquery takes the todays date by default and focuses to the next textbox without giving an error popup. Setting the inputValue does not work in IE9 version 9.0.8112.16421. I am using jqWidgets version 2.2.1 with JQuery 1.7.1. Here is the code i usedvar theme .data(document.body, theme) ("txtFirstName").focus() Relatedinternet explorer - JavaScript Alert() not getting focus in IE.Relatedjavascript - Why is jQuery 1.8 Not Working in Internet Explorer 9 as well as IE8 ( IE9 most current version as of Sept 2012). JQuery / JavaScript Tabs Does Not Work for IE9. I have this tabs that are working perfect in any browser apart from IE 9. Have been trying to solveFollowing info I found on another SO question, I have improved my autocomplete to display the list of available values when a field gets focus. Im trying to give the user a modal window when the leave the browser, and clicked on the taskbar or something. The following code works in FF, Chrome, IE9, etc.What am I missing here? (document).ready(function () (. window).focus(function () . dialog-message").dialog("close") This works perfectly in every major browser (chrome,FF,safari) Except IE9 (havent tried higher versions, since i need to support IE9).focus: function(event, ui) window.itemId ui.item.value (this).val(ui.item.label) return false Code works perfectly on Firefox and Chrome but does not work in I.E. Any other way or modifications should be done to work it in I.E tooIE 11 time to focus the other control and then steal the focus and add it to elementClicked. I googled "jquery focus chrome" and this was the first result.Dont tell someone to read the manual. Chances are they have and dont get it. Provide an answer or move on to the next question. Lets work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. Potential fix: Clear the src of iframe prior to destroy and remove in jQuery ui. The following simple html (save as a file called IE9Test.htm) reproduces the issueAttempt to enter text in the main input text box and you will be unable to get focus in the box or add text. NB: Make sure IE9 is running in IE9 jQuery.getJSON not working properly in IE8 with gdata json-c.Angular EventEmitter not found. ng bootstrap 4 - typeahead open on focus. Typescript server in VSCode incorrectly reports unused private variable. IE9 and IE10 does not give focus to the field. Removing wysihtml5-0.3.0.js from the html makes it work in IE9 and IE10 as well. I have tried different versions of jQuery, with no change in behavior. I have multiple draggable element and I cant change them from div tags to a tags, as requested by IE91jQuery/javaScript click-Event doesnt work. 1Summernote buttons varying height. 1How to find first element that is hidden by JQuery. 100) Works fine in IE 9. Also, not entirely sure why you have the setTimeout?It only doesnt work because youre running your jQuery code before the page is ready. It would be more correct to do something like: (function () (textarea[readonly]). focus(function () (this).blur() After delay the execute time, the focus() is working fine in IE , or even FF. Different between function calling in JavaScript and JQuery . Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States. 4. Focus, Blur listeners are associated with the first field of form which print statemtns to console.But in version 4.1.3 its just not working. This is really proving to be a show-stopper for us. Gallery of Images "Jquery fadeout not working in ie9 download" (767 pics)jquery - fadeIn doesnt work in IE9 - Stack Overflow. Apr 09, 2011Hi, I use JQuerys fade in and out effect on image. External css background image not working in IE internet Explorer. Get the file size using ActiveX Object in internet explorer 9. Trying to create DataTable object but getting jquery error. How to implement YADCF into a server side DataTable. I have only tested it in IE9 but what i does is it doesnt hide the dropdowns for the list on the right side.It works well in Firefox, however I have noticed that every once in a while it will not load the jquery fully when I go to a new page and the Home. Computers Internet jquery - Display:none not working in IE 9.I have a