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Bunch of SSL recipes here, based on frequently asked questions about this. Well start with the favoriteRewriteEngine On RewriteCond HTTPS !on [NC] RewriteCond REQUESTURI RewriteCond HTTPHOST ! [NC] checking for non-empty host header Check whether the file exists and if not, check whether the request starts with webroot. Prepend webroot if it doesnt. RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteCond REQUESTURI !webroot RewriteRule . webroot/0 [NI] . Option 1: rewrite 8594 <. IfModule modrewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond HTTPS !on RewriteCond HTTPHOST www.(.)Which excludes https requests. Im not exactly sure why it looks like its always been like that. RewriteCond REQUESTURI "/".

I need to check if its not empty, then redirect it to an empty one(ignore all the string after HTTPHOST).start cURL ch curlinit(url) curlsetopt(ch, CURLOPTHEADER, true) curlsetopt(ch, CURLOPTHTTPHEADER, headers) curlsetopt(ch For the NGINX Plus conversion, we explicitly define a server block that combines the positive versions of the Apache RewriteCond directives (that is, it matches URLs that start with or, and another server block that matches what isuri uri/index.html uri.html .value of REQUESTURI for internal redirects, you can see how this would quickly cause an infinite loop (the RewriteCond would never match).

After I made these changes, both Apache modrewrite and Helicon Ape modrewrite started to behave in a similar manner. In the end, I couldnt get the Some operating systems treat files that start with . as hidden and therefore wont copy them. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-d RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-ftryfiles uri 404 include /etc/nginx/fastcgiparams RewriteEngine on RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteRule . index.php [L].tryfiles uri /index.php All requests are now handled by the same file. In that file, you create an AltoRouter instance.You are now ready to start mapping your routes. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site. Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have.1.php RewriteCond !-d RewriteRule (.)/ ?page1 [NC,L] RewriteCond REQUESTURI !index.php RewriteRule (.) ?page1 [NC,L] . company blog. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site.RewriteCond Exception with REQUESTURI to RewriteRule with new Domain does not work. RewriteCond REQUESTURI !/api [NC].This matches any domains that start with api.QSA - Appends any query string from the original request URL to any query string created in the rewrite target. rewrite to redirect every URI to index.htm exept ofPart that looks stupid but is working --- RewriteCond SERVERPORT !443 RewriteRule Force https and non-www RewriteCond HTTPS off [OR] RewriteCond HTTPHOST www.(.) Break down the steps. Get the hard redirects working, then work on the rewrites to handle the requests at the new location. Jeremy. Explain your problem instead of asking how to do what you decided was the solution. RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond HTTPHOST RewriteRule (.) httpIf the URI does not end in "sessiontest.php" and starts with "www." or starts withFor all other cases, we should forward all requests to a subfolder, called "perla". The condition RewriteCond REQUESTURI !(.)/ finally fires when a urls doesnt contain a trailing slash this is all what we want. Now we need to redirect these url with the trailing slash Can you try this and let me know: RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteCond REQUESTURI !/index.cfm RewriteRule (.) /index.cfm?eventbaduriuri1 [L,NC]. Somehow I cant get a match for the requested url Please help without telling me to use .htaccess or code it in php RewriteEngine on RewriteCond REQUESTURISTART Lets combine some apache version changes with an IfModule <. RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-d RewriteCond REQUESTURI (. )/ RewriteRule 1 [R301,L]. Now only existing files get the redirect of my no-trailing-slash policy. Google. Facebook. RewriteCond REQUESTURI - doesnt work as expected.The problem is with my first set of rules that turn SSL on off. I want to specify that the uri must START with admin or secure. This is useful for replacing characters in the REQUESTURI when you dont know how many there will be.1. Forcing www for a domain while preserving subdomains. RewriteCond HTTPHOST ([a-zThis rule captures the optional subdomain using the 1 variable, and, if it doesnt start with www REQUESTURI RewriteCond Syntax. Posted by: admin February 26, 2018 Leave a comment.REQUESTURI always matches a URI that starts with leading forward slash / so this will work for you Discussion in General started by wanah, Sep 17, 2016.there is a solution for litespeed. it works for my simple example. my example: virtual host section: RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME -f RewriteRule (.) more stack exchange communities. company blog. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site.REQUESTURI [R301,L]. but when I tried to access it went into a redirect loop. RewriteCond REQUESTURI /.Sign into your account, or create a new one, to start interacting.Require all granted RewriteEngine On RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteRuleAdd that to the start of your index.php, and it fixes all your problems, without needing to turn onI personally think its a bug. If SCRIPTNAME and REQUESTURI are the same, it This setting is sent by the browser at every request to the server as Accept-Language header and can look like this pl,en-usq0.7,enq0.3.The Accept-Language header starts with de and the test is case-insensitive ([NC]) RewriteCond HTTP:Accept-Language de [NC] Redirect user to Preserve a RewriteRule with one or more RewriteCond directives. The following rewriting rule is only used if its pattern matches the current state of the URI and if these additional conditions apply too.Anchors: Start of line anchor End of line anchor. RewriteCond TestString CondPattern [flags]. TestString - server/env variables, HTTPHOST, REQUESTURI, etc.Adding regex to the condition makes it very powerful. For example, the following line looks for domains that do not start with www Explanation : HTTPHOST is the Apache variable, which always starts with .RewriteCond statements can also create atoms via their regex but these are denoted by 1 9 the same way that RewriteRule atoms are 1 Heres another solution that allows you to exempt certain REQUESTURI patterns: RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteCondId started town the REQUESTURI, and Tim, Im using your example rule - it is easy to implement (RewriteMaps scarred me!). RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-d RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !.[a-zA-Z]2,4it is part of the REQUESTURI D.M.P May 24 at 9:28. D.M.P Yes, I missed that, sorry. Please see, if the updated answer works for you. RewriteCond REQUESTURI, QUERYSTRING SOME-PATTERN etc.Sorry btw - dont mean to start covering things from other threads but as it came up In PHP it allows you to read the actual requested path in the SERVER[ REQUESTURI] global variable. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond REQUESTURI /orders [NC] RewriteCond QUERYSTRING id([0-9]) [NC] RewriteRule (.) RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteCond REQUESTURI !(.)/.htaccess Getting started with Hypertext Access file Setting Server Timezone.Generic redirect to https: Enable Rewrite engine RewriteEngine on Check if URL does not contain https RewriteCond So, lets start with the actual rewriting bit, heres a rule that should set you in the right direction to startNotice that both dashboard concrete are ignored by the rewrite. RewriteCond REQUESTMETHOD GET RewriteCond REQUESTURI !/dashboard(.)? RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f. requests that start with api go down to api/index.php. CUSTOM CODE WP REWRITE LOOP START WP REWRITE LOOP START RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond HTTPS !on RewriteCond SERVERPORT 80 RewriteCond[S11] Peters Custom Anti-Spam display CAPTCHA Image RewriteCond REQUESTURI What does this code above do? Lets have a look at Example 1 - Redirect to The first line starts the rewrite module.RewriteCond REQUESTURI !example.php. This example uses the "-" syntax for the rewrite target, which means that the requested URI is not modified.The example given here will rewrite any request to index.php, giving the original request as a query string argument to index.php, however, the RewriteCond ensures that if the request is Were going to start with a very small vocabulary, and work up from there Most of the time, this vocabulary is all that youll need.RewriteEngine On RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-d RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteCond REQUESTURI !handler.php It will be present in either QUERYSTRING or THEREQUEST. It may be decoded in the former and encoded in the latter. Test to find out, using whichever of the following two RewriteConds seems to work, or the shorter one if both work Common Variables: REQUESTURI The requested URI, the bit between Hostname and the query string e.gcode starting with a ot A and followed by a series of digits) Then internaly redirect the request to page: /products/temptNotAvailable.html, and ignore all other RewriteRule RewriteCond RewriteCond REQUESTURI !subdirectory/ RewriteRule (.) subdirectory/1 [L,QSA]. In the above example [QSA] ensures the original query string is retained. If you have multiple domains with different TLDs pointing to your website, e.g.,, etc HOWEVER, neither of these will work because modrewrites RewriteCond directive doesnt allow variables or backreferences in the right hand side of the condition, only the left.If its the same, output the same request URI, otherwise output the error URI. RewriteCond REQUESTURI system.Checks to see if the user is attempting to access a valid file, such as an image or css document, if this isnt true it sends the request to index.php RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-d Options FollowSymLinks IndexIgnore / RewriteEngine on. if request dosnt start with web add it RewriteCond REQUESTURI !/(web) RewriteRule if file or directory dosnt exists go to /web/index.php RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME If youre putting [] rules in an .htaccess file [] the directory prefix (/) is removed from the REQUESTURI variable, as all requests areThe important part in this example, though, is the RewriteCond. This condition checks the HTTPHOST variable to determine if it started with www. Applying the user supplied with no reason to r-uri and. Aug. Out a rewritecond requesturi.Resource requested uri, if. String, not. Comfootestabcdef, which.A quick bite-size tech-snack, probably not start. zen cart vs prestashop vs opencart tong sang what to eat after tightened braces RewriteCond HTTPS off. RewriteCond HTTPHOST RewriteCond REQUESTURI !/robots.txt.I noticed though, that Google started showing me search results with my new HTTPS URL where my old one used to be, so I hope that Im good. Not necessarily better but I use PHP to do the same thing after initialising and starting the search through pages in a DBforward request to html file, but dont redirect (bot friendly) RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME.html -f RewriteCond REQUESTURI !/



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