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Ive seen a few similar questions/answers, but none of them answered my question/answered for VBS. I have a set of days that I would like to convert to dates for this year.I looked at the Calendar class, but that didnt apply because Im using VBScript. Formatting A Date Into Yyyymmdd. Is there a quick way to format a string in this format yyyymmdd in ASP / vbscript? I want this format because I want to pass the formatted date to a SQL Store procedure for a query on searching forThe expiry dates in access are formatted as Month Day, Year (EG VBScript has a number of useful functions allowing you manipulate and make calculations involving dates and times. Sections DateAdd - used to add or subtract a specified time interval from a date.Month. y. Day of year. I checked the values for month, day, and year, and they are 2, 1, and 2008 respectively when the code fires. I even tried weekday("2/1/2008") on w3schools in the Try It editor, and it evaluated to 3 as well.Microsoft VBScript runtime error 800a000d - mismatch date. To convert WMI dates to FILETIME or VTDATE format or to parse the date into component year, month, day, hours, and so on, you must write your own code.Interesting article explaining VBScript Date and Time (Iso Formats) As a comment was so kindly remarking the date format i used and the Syntax: DateSerial(year, month, day). All 3 arguments are necessary to specify.A numeric expression can also be used to specify relative dates for each argument, say, to represent a number of years or months or days before or after a specific date. VBScript VBScript Language Reference Functions (VBScript).

Month Function.vbFirstFourDays. 2. Start with the week that has at least four days in the new year. vbFirstFullWeek.If date is a date literal, the specified year becomes a permanent part of that date. echo off REM Use VBScript to get date.:foundate echo The year is: Year echo The month is: Month echo First day of this month is: FirstDay echo Last day of this month is: LastDay.

Implemented in version 1.0 Day(Date) The Day function returns the number of the current day of the month using any valid date expression as an argument. You can also use the Date and Now functions as the argument. VBScript DateSerial() Function returns a date when specified day, month and year are passed to it as parameters. Syntax.A number between 100 and 9999 or a numeric expression. month. How do I calculate the last business day of month in VBScript? It is for a Reporting Services report.FirstDay DateSerial(Year(Date),Month(Date),1). Need assistance padding numerical month and day with leading 0. Classic ASP: Calculate the number of weeks by date.Check if one given date is between two dates several years apart? How can I format a date from yyymmdd to mm/dd/yyyy using vbscript? To convert WMI dates to FILETIME or VTDATE format or to parse the date into component year, month, day, hours, and so on, you must write your own code.Converting a day and a year to a date in VBScript. Just take a look at these JScript, KiXtart, Perl, Rexx and VBScript scripts that use only a few lines to display sorted ate and time, week number, Easters or yesterdays date or check forGet todays year, month and day year objToday.getFullYear() month objToday.getMonth() 1 if ( month < 10 ) .

This function will return the day of the month (in numerical form from 1 to 31) from the date specified by the date parameter.

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